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We lost my beautiful wife of 20 years on 9/12/07. Lisa was my world she was my everything and now she is gone. We are learning to live without Lisa now. I say we because I am not alone. My children are stuck in this mess with me. These are my notes, my vent, my way of letting you all know that we are doing well (some days). This is for myself, my friends and my family that want to know how we are doing and what we are up to. Along the way I hope this might also help someone else who has been dealt a similar hand.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Supper Club

I find myself struggling to find anything noteworthy to write about this week. Everything seems so mundane this week. Go to work, call and wake up Matt, call and check on Matt, call and check on Matt, call and check on Matt, go home from work. Cook dinner do a few chores, go to bed and do it all over again.

We did break things up a bit last night. I was all caught up on chores and decided to let Matt drive us out to the Georgia State Patrol barracks where he will be taking his driver’s test at the end of the month. He is doing pretty well with his driving and it is hard to believe that he will be driving himself around in just a few short weeks. This is going to open up a new world for him and me. No longer will I need to concern myself with how he will get to weekday appointments or to 4-H functions. It is true that Matt driving will be a blessing it will also worry me to death. I still worry about the phone ringing every time Abby is on the road.

Tonight is Supper club. It meets the first Wednesday of every month. I was invited to join by my friends Roy and Diane last summer. The group rarely invites new members so I am very flattered. It is a group of mostly older Oconee residents from the education and art’s community. The group is made up of mostly retired teachers and other eclectic individuals with strong views on most everything. While I like to attend this pot luck dinner, I tend to gravitate toward a younger and more politically conservative group. They are wonderful people who have been very kind to let me join their tight knit group. While they treat me like an old friend I am very much an outsider and find myself biting my tong every time there is a conversation concerning politics or public policy. I am smart enough to know that if I spoke my opinion I would be quickly challenged and overcome by this group of more liberal thinkers. They are a very smart and educated group that would quickly pounce on and tear apart a lone conservative voice. None the less, they are kind and generous people and I consider myself lucky to be a part of the group.

Matt will be off to camp next week and I will be alone for two consecutive weeks. I am not sure if I am dreading it or looking forward to it.

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