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We lost my beautiful wife of 20 years on 9/12/07. Lisa was my world she was my everything and now she is gone. We are learning to live without Lisa now. I say we because I am not alone. My children are stuck in this mess with me. These are my notes, my vent, my way of letting you all know that we are doing well (some days). This is for myself, my friends and my family that want to know how we are doing and what we are up to. Along the way I hope this might also help someone else who has been dealt a similar hand.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One In One Out

Abby returned home Sunday with the smell of camp clinging to her and everything she owns. Matt left Monday morning for a few days of training at camp.

As expected, Abby also brought a ton of laundry. While my initial reaction was to jump in and take over, I allowed her to muddle through the mess. While standing in the door of the laundry room she commented on how bad all her clothes smelled. I suppose the fact that some of them were stuffed into a pillow case while still wet and had been in a hot car all afternoon might have something to do with that!! She got a few loads going and then stretched out on her bed to watch a movie. I think she was asleep before the opening credits were finished. I have no doubt that she will do a lot of sleeping this week and when she is not sleeping I don’t expect to see much of her either. I have no doubt that the only company I will have this week for dinner will be our little dog Ally.

Not a problem… I have plenty to do before we take our trip. We are headed off to our beloved Amelia Island. We have a lot of memories of this place. While I am concerned that some may be painful for me, I am determined to plow through. This is the only place that the kids came up with for our “summer vacation”. They did not want to give this trip up and who can blame them. I only hope that it will be as enjoyable as they think it will. Matt has already indicated that he wants to have dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant every night. Every night??? Oh well, who can blame him. I too have been craving some really good seafood.

My main goal is to not get down and think about Lisa every minute that we are there. My secondary goal will be to not get so sunburned on the first day that I have to spend the rest of the week in the hotel room. I am going to occupy my time with reading and writing. Lisa typically made all the arraignments for these trips and almost always had an outing of some sort planned. I have made very little in the way of plans for this trip so I am keeping my expectations low. I have not scheduled any outings or extracurricular activities. I am just going to wing it and see where things take us.

Abby will be bringing a friend along so that should break things up a bit and give her someone to help rank and rate all the boys around the pool each day. Now if I can only remember to bring the sunscreen and boogie boards!!

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